Which is Cheaper, Concrete Or Asphalt Driveway?

Whether you want a more elegant look or a more practical one, concrete or asphalt driveway may be the better choice for your home. Both options come with a range of benefits. Concrete is durable and can look great, while asphalt is more flexible. Whether you choose a concrete or asphalt driveway depends on several factors, including your climate, goals, and budget. Read on to find out which is cheaper, concrete or asphalt driveway.

However, asphalt driveways require regular maintenance. Asphalt can become cracked and crumbly over time, and it costly repairs. Although the surface is attractive at first, you should not walk on it. After two or three years, asphalt driveways may look old and unattractive. If you’re looking to sell your house in the future, you’ll want to invest in a concrete driveway.

Depending on the size of your home, an asphalt driveway can be as cheap as $2 to $6 per square foot. A basic asphalt driveway can last up to 15 years, while a concrete driveway can last only 50 to 100 years. It’s also less expensive to install, making it a good choice for most homeowners. But remember that the asphalt will need resealing after about half a year, and you’ll need a professional to apply it.
In addition to being more affordable, concrete is also eco-friendly, as it contains reclaimed and recycled materials. Moreover, it is energy efficient. Concrete also reflects light from lampposts, which can lower energy bills. Nonetheless, concrete can be twice as expensive as asphalt. However, if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly driveway, it’s definitely worth the extra money. For more information, check out our comparison chart below.

When comparing costs, aggregate and gravel are the cheapest paving materials. If your budget is flexible, gravel and asphalt are excellent choices. Chip sealing is another cost-effective option. It’s easy to maintain, too. These materials also look great. You’ll be happy you made a choice.

The cost of a concrete or asphalt driveway depends on many factors, including the size and shape of the property. For example, a driveway may need to be shifted over to avoid a deteriorating area. Additionally, it could be more expensive if the driveway is on a slope or is shaped oddly. However, the costs of a concrete or asphalt driveway depend on many factors, including the type of weather conditions in the area.

Concrete is more durable than asphalt. A concrete driveway can last for 30 years or more with proper maintenance. It is also more stable, with the average driveway about 5 to six inches thick. Compared to asphalt, concrete is denser and can handle heavier loads. In addition, concrete is less susceptible to UV rays, so it’s more comfortable in the summer months. But while asphalt is less expensive, it does require constant patching, making it an unattractive option.

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