Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveway

person-building-tool-smoothIf you have the intention of installing a driveway, there are a couple options that you may explore. Most contractors will recommend asphalt or concrete driveways. This may still be confusing for an average person and it is advisable to find out as much as you can about each material. Most professional experts recommend concrete driveways.

Here are some of the key reasons why concrete seems to be superior to asphalt:

Concrete driveways will be durable as opposed to those that are made of asphalt. In most cases, high quality asphalt will last for about 20 years, if well maintained. However, when you have a concrete driveway, you can expect it to last for about 50 decades. This explains why it is a bit expensive to install, but in the long run, you will get value for your money.

Concrete is far much easier to maintain. With asphalt, you will need to pay more attention to it so as to keep it in the best shape.

For those who are conscious of the environment, then, the ideal choice would be concrete which does not affect the environment. Concrete increases reflectivity and this creates a cooling effect. As such, you can reduce the conditioning costs.

Concrete has a lustrous and luxurious appearance. There is also an advantage of the fact that you can choose the decorative concrete options when it comes to having a concrete driveway installed. You can create the perfect environment and have a driveway that matches to the beauty of your house.
Concrete is also flexible and as such, it is easier to customize. You will be able to add value to your property by picking tailored designs and options for your driveway. Your beautiful landscape will not be complete if your driveway is not appealing.

If you are looking to improve your curb appeal, then you can be sure that having a concrete driveway is a great way to achieve this. Asphalt is a good material and most people love it, but in comparison to concrete, it would be best to pick a concrete driveway. This comes with tons of benefits and can handle the daily traffic, without being damaged.

To be able to get all the benefits of a concrete driveway, you should work with a professional concrete contractor. These are experts who will be able to give you quality service and see to it that your concrete driveway is solid and beautiful.